WebExtensions Experiements have many similarities to traditional add-ons, therefore a lot of general documentation is already available on developer.mozilla.org. The following questions and answers are specific to WebExtensions experiments and should help you with common issues.

How do I get an URI reference to the files in my experiment?

You may need an URI referencing files within your extension, for example to load a frame script when your API methods are being triggered. If you have a file named browserScript.js in the root of your add-on, you can reference it using the URI resource://extension-NAMESPACE-api/browserScript.js, where NAMESPACE is the namespace defined in your schema.json file.

Can I include a chrome.manifest in an experiment?

The experiments do not support the ‘chrome.manifest’, and it will be ignored if included in the experiments add-on source directory. If you need an URI which points to assets packaged within the experiment (e.g. an image, an additional .jsm file, a frame script, etc.), please read the question about URI references.

If you have any more questions you can’t find an answer to please get in touch.