Once you’ve got an experiment the hope is that it gets merged into Firefox and mozilla-central. But before that happens there’s a few things that should happen.

Adding to github


This is optional.

Tell people

The first step is to file an issue against this repository. In that issue please outline:

  • where your experiment is located
  • a quick overview of what it does
  • any bugzilla bugs that it might address
  • if you’d like to move your repository over to this organisation and we can create a repository for you

We’ll then include these in our bi-weekly community triage meeting.

There’s a few emails and IRC channels that would also like to know about your experiment.

Updating this documentation

It would be great to add it to this documentation too. If you would like to, please send a pull request to this repository.

Landing in Firefox


This is optional.

For it to land in mozilla-central a few things are going to have to happen.

  • It should follow the code quality guidelines.
  • There should be mochi and xpcshell tests at 100% coverage of the API.
  • There should be some documentation on the API.
  • There should be a review (even if its just cursory) by the following: the security team, the privacy team, a code review by the engineering team and the UX team (where relevant).
  • If the API requires a permission, ensure to land the corresponding permissions string.

For more information on what is likely to be accepted, please check out the New API Guidelines.

The best way to do this is by filing a bug in Bugzilla and we can start to work through the steps. File a bug under Toolkit > WebExtensions: Experiments and that process can be started.

What if it doesn’t land in Firefox?

It can still be used by Nightly and Developer Edition.